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Refurbished MRI Systems

Large Inventory of Refurbished MRI Scanners

Oxford Instruments Healthcare maintains a large and diverse inventory of refurbished MRI scanners. We offer a wide range of models from GE and Siemens.

Our team takes the time to listen to you and understand your facility's requirements in order to help you identify the right system to meet the needs of both your facility and your budget. 

Comprehensive Site Planning and Installation

We are able to offer complete end-to-end solutions. We will have your examination room prepared and your MRI scanner installed and connected to your PACS, with as little disruption to your clinic as possible. We even offer interim Mobile MRI solutions to help your facility meet its imaging needs while your new scanner is being installed.

Ask us about included Warranties and available Service Packages for your refurbished MRI scanner!

Additional Services

  • Hardware/software upgrades
  • System relocation
  • Interim rental solutions
  • Financing
  • Trade-ins
  • Mobile Solutions

Highest Scores for Customer Satisfaction

Oxford Instruments Healthcare maintains an outstanding reputation for integrity and service. Our average NPS (Net Promoter Score) consistently exceeds that of our competition.

ISO 13485 Certified

Oxford Instruments Healthcare offers a smarter investment choice for your business. As a global manufacturer, we strictly adhere to our ISO 13485 certified processes to ensure that your refurbished MRI scanner is thoroughly inspected and expertly refurbished. Our size and scale allows us to provide you with a refurbished MRI scanner that meets OEM specifications at a fraction of the cost.

About Oxford Instruments 

Oxford Instruments, founded in 1959, invented the world's first superconducting magnet which made the commercialization of magnetic resonance imaging possible. Our global distribution network employs over 1,500 employees worldwide with over 18 offices, facilities, and factories across North America, Asia, and Europe.


OEM Quality at Third-Party Prices: Our ISO 13485 Certified Processes ensure quality to you and efficiency to us, saving everyone money.

Comprehensive Solutions: Oxford Instruments Healthcare offers Mobile Imaging Solutions, CT and MRI Equipment Sales, Quality Parts, and Maintenance Service Packages to keep your imaging systems operating at maximum efficiency.

Highest Customer Satisfaction Scores: Listening to customer feedback has allowed us to achieve an unrivaled Net Promoter Score for customer satisfaction.

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