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Refurbished GE Lightspeed VCT 64 Slice CT Scanner

The GE LightSpeed VCT is a high image resolution 64-slice CT system. The high image resolution and acquisition speed is ideal for angiography, cardiac, neuro, pediatric, pulmonary, and trauma when freezing of cardiovascular motion, pure arterial phase imaging, and superior MultiPlanar reformats are key.

  • 0.35 Second Gantry rotation
  • 70 cm Gantry
  • Advanced Cardiac Package for Lightspeed VCT, Card IQ Analysis Pro, Snapshot Imaging Package, IVY 3150 ECG Monitor, Console ECG Trace, Cardiac Enhancement Filters, Cardiac Bowtie Filters
  • ECG Dose Modulation
  • SmartScore Software
  • VT2000 Table for Lightspeed VCT
  • AW Remote Access Software Package for xw8200
  • Advanced Vessel Analysis Floating License Ready
  • AutoBone Floating License Ready
  • AW VolumeShare with two flat panel monitors

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The GE LightSpeed VCT XT is a whole-body CT scanner specially designed for advanced cardiac and neuro imaging using SnapShot Pulse technology.

The GE LightSpeed VCT XT boasts its 70% dose savings without loss of image quality during cardiac studies as well as its VolumeShuttle technology, enabling 80mm of volume coverage for enhanced neuro CTA and perfusion with a single contrast injection.

The LightSpeed VCT 64 Slice CT system features a 70 cm gantry, 40 mm coverage of patient anatomy per rotation and 64 slices at 0.625 mm.

Fast Image Acquisition - More Scans in Less Time

Refurbished to OEM Specs - High Quality at Lower Cost

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