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Refurbished GE Discovery MR450 1.5T MRI Scanner

One of GE’s most powerful and advanced MRI scanners is the GE Discovery MR450 – a whole-body 1.5 Tesla 60 cm bore MRI scanner with a 64 element architecture offering a full range of clinical applications, including the new SWAN (T2 Star Weighted Angiography) and INHANCE suite of applications.

  • iROC (In-Room Operator Console)
  • IntelliTouch Technology Patient Positioning
  • 32 Channel Table Coil Connections
  • Gradient and RF Resonance Module
  • Optical RF Technology
  • Volume Reconstruction Engine
  • Surface Coils
  • Advanced Table Technology
  • Advanced Remote Servicing

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Just like the MR750, the Discovery MR450 is built for speed, allowing in-room patient set up in 30 seconds and scanning with a few easy steps. The GE Discovery MR450 MRI scanner has some of the most advanced capabilities on the market including true real-time cardiac imaging, accelerated parallel imaging with high homogeneity, and intuitive landmarking protocols. The table weight limit on this MRI system is 500 lbs.

The Discovery MR450 provides extraordinary whole-body 1.5T imaging for the complete range of clinical applications: Whole Body, Neuro, Spine, MSK, Breast, Vascular and Cardiac imaging. The GE Discovery MR450 has been designed to simplify exams, consequently speeding up the full imaging process. Utilizing the in-room operator console (iROC), the GE Discovery MR450 MRI scanner provides real-time system interaction. GE’s IntelliTouch landmarking feature on the table eliminates the need for any laser light.

Fast Image Acquisition - More Scans in Less Time

Easy Patient Setup - Better Patient Experience

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